Reccomendations for where to get Audio Assets

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I'm looking for good places to start collecting audio assets that I will need to create good realistic soundscapes. I mostly do DnD so fantasy and medieval stuff is my current priority but any useful places would be a great help.

Having to find assets from scratch is a bit overwhelming :lol:
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Antonis Koutelias
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Hello! First off, if you successfully complete the Echotopia Insider program, you'll get free access to all our audio assets. There's bound to be something that piques your curiosity
We're also putting together a library from our own content that will come with Echotopia upon release. If you have something you'd like to see in terms of content at some point, go ahead and write about it in the content request forum viewforum.php?f=26

If you're in a terrible rush, however, you can look into YouTube Studio and Freesound.
Both have sound effects, music, and atmospheres, you can find some useful stuff in there. Even I resort to them from time to time to fill tiny gaps.
There are also firearms and medieval weapons libraries around that are free at Still North Media.
Their website says you can use them freely. Haven't used those, but they've been on my radar for some time.

Hope that sates your hunger for now :P
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Pan Athen
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Antonis has spoken well, we are working hard on providing many audio assets with the release of Echotopia.

In fact, we want to provide enough for any user to be able to create the basic soundscapes needed for any scenario. That's why we created the "Echotopia Content Requests" subforum. You can use that to ask us about your needs, so we put your wishes in our ToDo list ;)

YouTube's audio library is also a good place to find some content and if you also search YouTube for ambience loops or specific soundscapes, i.e. "forest soundscape loop", you will find many videos which then you can extract the audio using some free tool to extract audio from video files. Many of the content there is published under public domain or creative commons licenses that allow the audio to be used under the various usage scenarios Echotopia users may have, so check that too before ripping content from the internet.

Apart from the "factory-included" content we are developing, there are many resources like YouTube, FreeSounds, etc. Admittedly, those sources provide audio assets of questionable quality and many times questionable intellectual property. Sometimes you might find that a sound that says "use it freely" is actually put there by a person that pirated that sound and presented it as "free". This is a problem with content creation using questionable resources and you should be careful especially if you are planning to use your soundscapes publicly on broadcast streams or content/product distribution, or in games, films, VR experiences, that will go outside your computer.

That is why we develop our own content and I urge everyone to give us ideas and requests in the appropriate subforum I mention above.

Soon we will start to roll out content for the Insiders and after that, we will have the complete factory library ready, so now it's a good time to gather ideas and requests.
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