Promotion of immersive audio practices

Immersion in audio is more than multiple speakers and 3D panners. It is achieved inside the listener's mind. Use this subforum to discuss immersive audio techniques, psychoacoustics, multimodality, and any topic related to creating immersion with sound in any medium.
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Pan Athen
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It would be nice to have some kind of landing page where the general public could be informed about immersive audio in general. I believe that this could make it easier to translate the advantages of immersive audio into actionable decisions for the artist.

In general, I think that this group could eventually grow to contain thought leaders from all the sectors of creative audio and that we should try to interact with the general public in various ways.

At least this is what I'm trying to do with SoundFellas.

First of all, I'm working on creating a landing page on our website at SoundFellas that will act as a brochure for anyone interested in learning about our news and subscribing to a newsletter or at this private forum.

I believe that initially, we should focus on providing some assistance to newcomers in the form of fast information that will make them understand if they do need immersive audio and specialization in their production and if yes how they could leverage open philosophies to create their content.

At the top of the page, we should focus on stating our mission and also who benefits from being a member, how to be a member, and why to be a member.

The membership application should contain some basic questions so we can understand our members better and see the key demographics of who is who.

Then we could supply other updates when we have them for example, link to a hot discussion from this forum, share some news from the industry, and I'm also thinking of leveraging my own blog to supply more material.

At SoundFellas we take openness seriously, so we are now producing some content that could be used for immersive audio production and we plan to offer it for free for the members of this alliance.

When the landing page is ready we will also open this forum to the public (still will need to create an account to post), and start promoting the alliance using direct emails to key players on the field, so we can start adding some cool organizations and their logos on our roaster.

Moving forward I think that we could create an ecosystem of individuals and vendors that are interested in empowering their beloved art form with immersion in levels that weren't before possible.
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