Position in the looper track

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I'm not sure how big a deal this would be in reality, but after moving the explorer in and out of an area a bunch, the looper starts at the start of its track where there is a distinct noise in my file and makes it sound weird.

Perhaps there could be a setting where it either:
(a) keeps its position when leaving,
(b) starts at a random spot, or
(c) keeps track on the position based on real-time e.g If I were to have an explorer in an area for 30 seconds, move it out of the area for 15 seconds and then move it back, the track would continue as if it had stayed 45 seconds.
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Pan Athen
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Those are nice features. I've used (b) in some game ambience tools I made for a big MMORPG some time ago, to keep adjacent areas with similar loops from phasing, but also to make them sound a little more different.

The other options (a) and (c) are nice to have when you want some kind of sync in your material.

For instance, (c) is the most difficult and resource hungry, but it should be nice if you want to mix music through Echotopia's audio engine, which is definitely something that we would like to offer.

The core audio engine of Echotopia will have 3 phases of development.

1) Release Ready: Almost what you have now but with better acoustics and more enveloping randomized.
2) Fully Immersive: This is the most difficult phase, a change of core architecture to allow for fully immersive operation in both entertainment and professional use.
3) Audio Visualization: Features that will use visuals to both give valuable feedback to the user and enhance the experience of the audience.

We expect the layer instruments (looper, randomizer, etc.) to get an upgrade near the transition from phase 1 to phase 2, and more instruments to be added from near the end of phase 2.
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Manolis Benetos
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Hi Birchall, like Panos said, we have scheduled a lot of improvements and redesigns on our audio engine, to improve user experience.
From development's perspective, feature (c) is more complicated and demanding than the rest, especially if you want to synchronize areas like a sequencer. I agree with Panos, that feature (c) is more relative for mixing music, rather than ambience environments, that's why a feature like that will not be the default reaction, but optional.
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