How to Request for Content

Post your Echotopia content requests here. A good idea is to search or ask first the Sound Libraries forums to see if the content already exists in our libraries.
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Please use this sub-forum to post your ideas about the sounds that you would like to see in Echotopia.

Feel free to imagine anything!

To make it easy and fast for us to produce that content, try to include these in your request:
  1. Description. Feel free to elaborate.
  2. Reference from public media. Try to find a youtube video or something that features that kind of sound. Be specific, link directly to the time the sounds happen.
  3. Planned use. Tell us how you're planning to use the sound, what feeling or emotions are you trying to achieve, what other sounds are going to play at the same time?
Think of your needs in terms of the sound categories that constitute a soundscape, those include but are not limited to:
  • Ambience - A loop with enough content to give the impression of a specific place. i.e. a factory floor and a forest at night have completely different textures.
  • Drone - A noise-like or more musical loop that is used mostly to boost the atmosphere of a scene. You've heard many of those in the soundtracks of horror movies.
  • Oneshots - Those are small samples of sound that represent an event that emits sound. When played randomly in time and distributed around the listener in space, they give the impression of a dynamic and real environment. i.e. car horns and car wooshes passing by when one stands near to a road. Those are very important for the suspension of disbelief.
  • Music - Music that is played either in diegetic form (happening in the scene, like music in an inn or a jazz club that exists in the story) or non-diegetic form (happening outside the scene, as the music in a movie that plays on top of the story for enhancement).
  • Reverb models - Models of different acoustic spaces. Those enhance all the sounds that are played through them by simulating the reflections of the sound when bouncing off the materials of the said space. Think of which type of room/space you want. i.e. a huge cathedral made of stone, an alien cave made of crystal, etc.
Using the information above and your imagination you can request the sounds you want to create your unique experiences and amaze your audience. Let us know by replying to this thread!