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As far as I can tell this app seema pretty awesome... Except that on my Samsung Galaxy A32 all of the app interface buttons are not aligned with the image. I have to tap a point approximately 1" below the image to get into the next menu. I can't even use the dice roller tool at the bottom as they are physically located off the screen. Help?
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Antonis Koutelias
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Hello! Unfortunately, Samsung Galaxy A32 is one of the devices with "exotic" screen ratios, like 20:9, on which the app’s interface cannot function properly. Some of our users could change their screen settings and make it work, while others used another device with conventional screen size and form. If none of this works for you, you can always get a refund according to the store’s policy.

It's a known issue that we cannot address in the foreseeable future, as our efforts are concentrated on the release of our new soundscape design application, Echotopia. If good ol' DMDJ caught your attention, then Echotopia will surely pique your curiosity too ;)
You can find info about the software here
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Pan Athen
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Yes, I'm afraid my colleague is right. it's very difficult to keep track of all the exotic devices that seem to appear on the market every week. We're very sorry that you face this issue.

In some phones with super-side ratios such as your in some operating systems, there is an option to simulate a common screen ratio, used for cases like the one you're facing now. Can you please check out if you have this option? This maybe solves this.

Another route that many of our customers take, is to use DMDJ with an older android device when they are on a game session. If you have an older device you could also try this as a solution.

Your third option is to ask for a refund from the store where you bought DMDJ in the first place. Not the best option for us, but at least you will get your money back.

About the creation of soundscapes to use to immerse your players in your story, you should definitely check out our next-gen editor Echotopia which is going to be released soon.

Let us know how all that goes.

Thanks for contacting us! :-)
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